The CA gave a 40% bond in the first quarter

Good performance for Mutandis in the first quarter of 2022. The group realized a consolidated business case of 422 million DH, with a progression of 40% over an year. A croissance pulled for the acquisition of Season aux Etats-Unis (CA of 108 million DH), as well as for detergents (+5% at 144 million DH) and food boutiques (+39% at 59 million DH ).

On the other hand, you sell the products of the mer accusent a recoil of 10% to 89 million DH. They are notably impacted by the decrease of 20% of sales of canned goods in volume, due to the fact of establishing a new biological repos in a month (January), in order to improve the future availability of sardines, please Mutandis dans sa financial communication.

Pour ce qui est du segment jus de fruits, les ventes ont stagné à 21 million DH. « The 1st quarter is in accordance with our objectives. At this stage, and malgré the extreme level of the prices of intrants, we are satisfied with our route feuille 2022, which predicts a house of affairs and a progression of EBITDA for rapport to 2021».

At the end of the first quarter, Mutandis made 51 million DH of investments. Sa dette nette bancaire se creuse, passed 413 million DH on March 31, 2021 at 558 million cette année.


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