Launch of a parrainage program for 60 doctoral students

“Les Doctorants des Deux Académies”, a digital platform dedicated to a parrainage program for 60 doctorants, launched by the Académie du Royaume du Maroc and the Académie Hassan II des Sciences et Techniques.

According to leurs missions, l’Académie du Royaume du Maroc et l’Académie Hassan II des Sciences et Techniques initiates from March 15, 2022, a parrainage program of 60 doctoral students in human and social sciences and exact sciences, selected on the basis of criteria of excellence.

This programme, which accompanies the efforts deployed by other national institutions that contribute to the same objectives, constitutes an important milestone in the public strategy for the renewal of the scientific elites, appealed to contribute to the economic and social development of Maroc, noted in investing in the priority sectors .

Outre l’octroi d’una monthly allocation fixed at 8,000 dirhams, le parrainage l’organization à l’attention des doctorants, d’ateliers de rédaction, de séminaires de méthodologie, l’accès aux centers de documentation et leur participation aux activities des deux Academies.

The program will be given after the support of the doctoral thesis and the publication of more forms, notation of the application for the publication of the thesis, the prize in charge of the participation frais at the national and international meetings of the high level presenting an interest in particulier for Le travail de recherche du docteur parrainé, et l’accès aux réseaux nationaux et internationaux des deux institutions académiques.

The parrainés candidates feront partie d’une generation «d’acteurs chercheurs» appealed to reinforce the place and the role of savoir, of science, of the economy of connaissance and culture, considered as privileged leviers dans mise en Work of the Nouveau Model of Development (NMD).

The information platform dedicated to the programme, entitled “Les Doctorants des deux Académies” is available from the following link:


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