Huawei Maroc reports the price of cybersecurity awareness

Huawei Technologies Maroc is due to announce a prior part of the conference « Innovation and Cyber ​​Security Series – Egypt 2022 », which will be available in Cairo on March 28 and 29, 2022.

On the occasion of the conference « Innovation and Cyber ​​Security Series – Egypt 2022 » held in Cairo on March 28 and 29, 2022, Huawei Maroc presented the top new developments for the company, even with the different strategic approaches that the brand adopts in le domaine de la mise en place des systèmes E&E. Huawei Maroc has also learned the different types of protocols to suivre in the matter of cybersecurity and which are able to guarantee a secure digital transformation of industry and companies. Huawei Maroc was represented by Lihongjun, Director régional de la Cybersécurité et la protection des données privées et par Youssef Ait Kaddour, Chief Cyber ​​security Officer of Huawei Maroc.

Huawei’s participation in a meeting with participants in the leadership of the company’s vision and strategic orientations. As a leader in the domains of telecommunications and ICT solutions, Huawei continues to work in collaboration with its partners, even with the telecommunications regulatory authorities in order to stimulate the numerical transformation of the country of Africa du Nord. . In title, Huawei has ceased to encourage the best practices in cybersecurity matters, but also to promote “the mise en place of a comprehensive cybersecurity assurance system” aimed at promoting cyber-resilience to all les niveaux, qu’il s’agisse des solutions ou des services destinés aux entreprises ou des infrastructures availables.

During the conference, Lihongjun told me in advance of the mechanisms and procedures that a company will do to suivre in order to ensure the security of its products and services. Lihongjun also emphasized the importance of guaranteeing the levels of cyber security suffisants and fairness in sorting out that the ensemble of the prenant parties au sein des entreprises puissent collaborer ensemble dans ce sens. Lihongjun is expressed in the cadre of a session entitled “Integration of a collaborative structure in security matters to ensure the appropriate tools, training and resources necessary for the protection of information.”

Pour sa part, Youssef Ait Kaddour declared: «As a fournisseur d’infrastructures TIC, Huawei ne cessa de travailler à rehausser les standards du secteur des télécommunications et des TIC, de même qu’il s’attelle à promouvoir la cybersécurité, à encourager les meilleures pratiques et à scrupuleusement respecter les différentes exigences en matière de cybersécurité, et ce à all levels de ses processus métier E2E. Huawei also signed more agreements in the domain of cyber security. Ces conventions ont été paraphées avec plus de 3,400 fournisseurs à travers le monde entier. In addition, the society at my place une plate-forme ouverte et transparent que permet de travailler main dans la main avec toutes les parties prenantes et partenaires au sein de l’ecosystème de la cybersécurité au level de l’Afrique du nord et en particulier au Maroc. The objective of one telle démarche is to allow the continuous deployment of good strategies with the main parties involved in the domains of high-tech communication, but also of innovation and verification.

On the issue of the conference, Huawei Maroc was awarded the prize for best strategy in terms of cybersecurity awareness. S’exprimant au sujet de l’octroi de cette distinction, le Director régional de la Cybersécurité et la protection des données privées declared: «As a trustworthy provider of technological solutions of pointe pour des dizaines de milliers d’entreprises dans le monde, nous sommes heureux de recevoir le prestigieux prix de la meilleure stratégie in terms of sensibilization à la cybersécurité. It is an important stage that strengthens our credibility and rewards our hard work. Huawei will continue to work independently for its clients in Morocco, in emerging Africa and throughout the world, continuing to benefit from its innovative solutions that contribute to a more healthy and more resilient world.”

Finally, note that Huawei has ceased all the days of consolidating the world’s leadership in the matter of fourniture of effective solutions from bout to bout, more competitive and secure surtouts, dans les domaines des réseaux télécoms, des terminaux mobiles et du Cloud Computing.


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