Port traffic in Maroc : 2021, the year of transbordement

In 2021, the national port paysage comprises 43 ports with 14 foreign trade sales

In 2021, global port traffic will reach 192.1 million tonnes, down from 11.6% on an annual basis. The transbordement (41.9% of the global traffic) predominated by the port activities involving imports (33.3%) and exports (20.8%), a premiere in Maroc. The port of Tanger Med, which a franchise for the premiere was the cap of 100 million tonnes, is positioned in tête. Suivent Jorf Lasfar et Casablanca.

Une première dans l’histoire des trafics portuaires au Maroc. In 2021, the transborder activity, led by the good performance of Tanger Med, surpassed imports. With a volume of 80.5 million tonnes, with a significant increase of 29.5% over the year, the transbordement of containers, hydrocarbons and new vehicles represents 41.9% of global traffic. Ce dernier atteint 192.1 million tonnes (Mt) in 2021, an increase of 11.6%. C’est ce qui ressort du rapport annuel 2021 du département de l’Equipement sur les activités des ports au Maroc. The imports, they, are stablished at 63.8 Mt, in quasi-stagnation (-0.03%), this is a part of 33.3% of the global volume. This evolution is mainly explained by the decrease in traffic of cereals (7.2 Mt /-23.9%), du soufre (6.8 Mt /-5.1%), ammonia (1.6 Mt / -12.9%), devant une hausse des imports du charbon (11.2 Mt /+7.8%) et des hydrocarbons (11.2 Mt /+12.6%). Quant aux exports, they are raised to 39.9 Mt (+1.7%), weighing 20.8% in global traffic.

They are ported by the phosphorous acid (3.8 Mt /+7%), the containers (4.8 Mt/+2%), which compensated for the collection of crude phosphate shipments (9.4 Mt /- 5.6%), des engrais (10.9 Mt /-6.8%) and du clinker (1.2 Mt /-2.5%). Because of the traffic in cabotage between the Moroccan ports, there will be an increase of 20.8% to 6.1 million tonnes in 2021, only a share of 3.2% in the global volume. Cette évolution is essentially linked to the hausse du cabotage des conteneurs (+31.2%). S’agissant du soutage des hydrocarbons (Bunkering), which registered a decrease of 2.1% to 1.59 Mt (the equivalent of 0.8 global traffic), «et ce au profit des navires transitant par le Détroit of Gibralter’. Also, in 2021, the volume of port traffic in import/export will reach 111.5 Mt, in progression of 1.5% due to the annual 2020 rate. For other reasons, the annual 2021 has registered a good traffic dynamics des vehicules neufs which atteint 520,777 units, in croissance of 22.4%.

In return, for the traffic of passagers, the ports of Morocco will have 723,407 PAX in transit in 2021, soit has decreased by 30%, due to the suspension of international voyages and health measures in order to limit the spread of the pandemic. For the activity of the crossroads, the ports of Marocains did not register aucun trafic au cours de l’année 2021. «Avec 165.2 million tonnes trafficés au titre de l’année 2021, the ports of Tanger Med (52.6 %), Casablanca (15.3%) and Jorf Lasfar (18.4%) concentrate on 86% of global traffic. Also, the port of Tanger Med is positioned on the list, in franchissant pour la première fois le cap de 100 million tonnes”, souligne le rapport. For the domestic traffic, the port of Jorf Lasfar (31.8%) maintains its first position in Royaume in terms of the volume of merchants traitées in import-export, and the success of the port of Casablanca (26.5%). To note that in 2021, the national port area comprises 43 ports, with 14 exports to foreign trade, 22 shipping ports and 7 plaisance ports, with a potential capacity of 270 Mt/an, 10.8 million EVP for containers , et 10.5 million PAX pour les passagers.


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