Financement vert: 25 million euros from the EBRD au Crédit du Maroc

The European Bank for reconstruction and development – supported by the Fonds vert for climate change and the European Union – is approving a loan of 25 million euros to Crédit du Maroc. The partnership is registered with the cadre of the GEFF-Morocco finance program that seeks to support, via the local partner banks, the private investments in the green economy.

Crédit du Maroc strengthened in partnership with the Banque européenne pour la reconstruction et le développement (EBRD). Celle-ci doit approuver ce 8 février a loan of 25 million euros to the Moroccan bank with the cadre du program de financement de l’économie verte (GEFF), soutenu par le Fonds vert pour le climat (GCF) et l’ European Union (EU). This programme, initiated by the EBRD, vise à support, via the local partner banks, private investments in the green economy, energy efficiency ratings, renewable energies, the management of resources that tell the water and the management of dechets. Le prêt en favor de Crédit du Maroc will be financed at a height of 18.75 million euros by the EBRD and 6.25 million euros by the GCF.

Il permettra à la banque marocaine d’enrichir son offer de financement vert en favor des entreprises marocaines notamment pour les investissements dans les technologies de prévention du changement climatique. A complete package of technical assistance, along with incentives for investment, co-financed by the EU, supporting Crédit du Maroc and its eligible clients for the development of the program and the realization of projects. For the European Union, this package is a concrete help to companies to find and finance solutions that are well adapted to the transition versus the economy to see you in Morocco.

The EBRD-Crédit du Maroc partnership is registered with the extension of the cooperation between the two parties with green finance. Reports that in February 2020, the European Bank will grant a loan of 20 million euros to the Crédit du Maroc dans le cadre du program «Chaîne de Valeur verte». This program aims to support the green investments carried out by the participating PMEs and the chains of sustainable assets/ecosystems. Please note that the green finance is arriving, in 2021, at the EBRD’s activités au Maroc, representative for the first fois plus de la moitié de son investissement total (211 million euros) dans le pays. Le Maroc is a founding member of the EBRD and became a country of operations of the bank in 2012. Today, the EBRD invested 3.2 billion euros in Maroc, distributed among 80 projects. Le Royaume accueillera cette année, pour la première fois, l’Assemblée annuelle de la EBRD. She will be in Marrakech on May 10, 11 and 12.


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