Le repowering du parc éolien Koudia Baida financed in part by EBRD

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) approved in February the chain of loans totaling 48.5 million euros to co-finance the repowering of the Koudia Al Baida park. This project, carried out by Masen and EDF Renouvelables for an investment of 130 million euros, is also supported by Attijariwafa bank, Banque Centrale Populaire, Bank of Africa and Société Générale Maroc.

Sollicitée par Masen et le groupe EDF Renouvelable, la Banque européenne pour la reconstruction et le développement (BERD) envisage de cofinancer le repowering du parc éolien Koudia Al Baida, situated dans la région Tanger-Tétouan. Many prêts sont en cours d’examen for a total of 48.5 million euros. Il s’agit d’un financement par dette senior à hauteur of 35 million euros, in addition to a subordinate loan of 13.5 million euros. The administration council of the EBRD will approve the deux financements before the end of February 2022. They will cover around 37.3% of the total cost of the project, estimated at 130 million euros. The project will be co-financed by several Moroccan banks: Attijariwafa bank, Banque Centrale Populaire, Bank of Africa and Société Générale Maroc.

20 éoliennes de nouvelle génération pour la 1re phase

For rappelling, Koudia Al Baida is the premier economic park of Maroc and all over the continent. It was commissioned in 2000 by the National Office for Electricity and Drinking Water (ONEE) with a capacity of 50 MW based on 84 éoliennes. The Compagnie éolienne du Détroit (CED), a subsidiary of the groupe Futuren (ex-Theolia), operates the éoliennes installed on the site of Koudia El Baida.
Through a project, currently developed by Masen (Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy) in partnership with Futuren (subsidiary of the EDF Renouvelables group), its capacity will be ported to 140 MW in two phases (100+40 MW) et ce, in faisant appel au repowering, une continentale première et dans la région MENA (Moyen-Orient/Afrique du Nord). The repowering implies the removal of the existing turbines to replace them with the new generation wind turbines with higher performance.
Also, Koudia Al Baida has 20 thousand years, with an individual capacity of 5 MW, also producing a total output of 100 MW, for the first phase of repowering.

Mâts et pâles produits au Maroc

Les pâles des éoliennes were produites dans l’usine Siemens Gamesa à Tanger. Les mâts seront également produits au Maroc et acheminés vers le site du projet. Les nacelles, they, were imported via le port Tanger Med.
Note that the community of Koudia El Baida is attached administratively to the commune of Taghramt (Province of Fahs Anjra) in addition to the lines of raccordement concerning the commune of Allyène (Province of M’diq–Fnideq). The réalisation des travaux comprises a first phase of the dismantling of the 90 existing éoliennes et ensuite the mise en œuvre des nouvelles éoliennes. The project will be finished with equal parts by MASEN and EDF Renouvelables.


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