Franc succès du 1er « Huawei Morocco Intelligent Finance Summit »

The first edition of the “Huawei Morocco Intelligent Finance Summit” was fully registered from the perspective of Huawei from partnering with clients and partners to develop a fully connected and intelligent finance ensemble. Huawei Maroc organized, jeudi à Casablanca, the first edition of the « Huawei Morocco Intelligent Finance Summit ». S’articulant autour du thème … Read more

the transporters réclament des solutions pérennes

The subvention, decided by the État, to help the transporters of dealers to support the home of the prix at the pompe, n’aurait pas produit l’effet escompté, at croire des professionnels. The unions ayant appealed to the grève, Monday dernier, and set an ultimatum of 10 days to gouvernement to discuss solutions that they considered … Read more

The Trophées Finalistes Ana Maâk Devoilés

There are 320 candidates retained for the pre-selection phase for the 3,500 porteurs de projets inscribed au Trophée Ana Maâk organized by Attijariwafa bank. After the phases of speeches devant le jury, ce sont 3 grands gagnants nationaux que remportent les trophées en plus du program d’accompagnement assured by the bank. Attijariwafa bank consolidates with … Read more