L’ONMT à la conquête du marché israelien

The general director of the Office national Marocain du tourisme (ONMT), Adel El Fakir, with an important delegation of Moroccan operators in Israel to promote the Maroc, at the head of the Salon International Mediterranean Tourism Market (IMTM) who is holding them 29 and 30 March to Tel-Aviv. “Adel El Fakir, Directeur Général de l’ONMT, … Read more

L’ONMT activates its force of frappe commerciale au salon IMTM Tel-Aviv

The participation of the Office national marocain du tourisme (ONMT) in the International Mediterranean Tourism Market (IMTM) show sent three promising signators on the potential of the Israeli march and the development of the tourist activity among the two countries. After a first concluding meeting with the Israir airline company, the ONMT teams on behalf … Read more