To comb 29% of companies prior to investments in 2022

Près de 29% de présultats de réaliser des projects d’investissement in 2022, according to a note from the Haut-Commissariat au Plan (HCP) relative to the main results of the 4th qualitative survey on the effects of Covid-19 on activity from enterprises. This also reveals that 13% of companies anticipate an increase in the level of … Read more

Seule une entreprise sur cinq prévoit des recrutements in 2022

By sector, the proportion of companies that intend to recruit in 2022 is 41% in the textile and leather industries, 38% in the extractive industries and 34% in construction. Les entreprises de l’hébergement et de la restauration (12%) remain moins motivées pour recruter in 2022. A company sur five intends to proceed with the recruitments … Read more

1,200 salaries prennent part aux Jeux marocains du sport en entreprise

The first edition of the Jeux Marocains du Sport en Entreprise aura lieu à Bouskoura, from July 1 to 3, 2022, under the leadership of the Association for the Promotion of Sport in Entreprise au Maroc (APSEM). This concept allowed to gather for three days 1,200 salaries from diverse horizons, professionnels, sociaux et géographiques autour … Read more