Food products: the prix atteignent des niveaux historiques(FAO

Céréales, huiles, viandes, sucre… the principal food products ont vu leurs prix flamber en mars. As a result of the war that opposed Russia to the Ukraine, the FAO Index of the prices of food products atteint is the highest level after it was created in 1990. The Russie-Ukraine war caused the clashes in the … Read more

3,423 hectares of land in degradation to restore

With the support of the UfM and the FAO, the Department of Eaux and Forests of Maroc has developed a management plan including participatory capacity building and restoration efforts and biodiversity conservation efforts. In the margin of the celebrations of the Journée internationale des forêts, which took place on March 21, the attention to this … Read more

Légère baisse après le record de mars

According to the FAO, the baisse des prix mondiaux des produits alimentarires is explained mainly by a modest recul des cours des huiles végétales et des céréales. Just before I set a record high in March, the FAO food products price index slightly fell in April last month. A performance attributable essentially to the recul … Read more