the net consolidated result increased by 7.04% at the end of March

Société Générale Maroc affiche des indicateurs en progression spoiled a mitigated context. In the 1st quarter, the bank posted a net social income of 258 million DH and a consolidated net income of 248 million, respectively, down 7.04% and 2% over an year. Pour le PNB en social, il est en retrait de 2.6% “malgré … Read more

I consolidated the CA bondi of 31% at the end of March

At the end of March 2022, Sonasid’s consolidation of affairs marked a rise of 31% for the same period of the dernier at 1,345 million DH. The group explained that this progression is supported by a favorable price effect, due to the impact of the hausse des prix des intrants. Les investissements sur la période … Read more

Marsa Maroc : le chiffre d’affaires consolidated in hausse of 30% in 2021

The traffic brought by the group in 2021 is estimated at 47.2 million tonnes, an increase of 32.4% by 2020. By the end of 2021, the traffic brought by Marsa Maroc is estimated at 47.2 million tonnes (MT) in an increase of 32.4% by 2020. The consolidated investments made by the group at the end … Read more

benefit in hausse of 2.2% in 2021 to 5.1 MMDH

In 2021, Attijariwafa bank realized a consolidated net banking product of 2.2%, rising to 24.4 billion. The net result of the Groupe, lui, atteint 5.1 million DH, is 70.5% more than in 2020. Malgré un mitigé dans ses pays de présence, Attijariwafa bank a clôturé l’exercice 2021 avec de bonnes performances. They are consolidated net … Read more

forecasts of croissance plutôt timides pour 2022

Involys compte benefiter de l’accélération de la dynamique de digitalisation amorcée au Maroc depuis 2020. Prévisions de croissance relatively timides cette année pour Invloys. A projection that the société cotée in Bourse attributes to the uncertainty of the different events of rupture that are known throughout the world. Néanmoins, nuance-t-elle, l’accélération de la dynamique de … Read more

Wafa Assurance franchisor sweeps it from CA’s 9 MMDH in 2021

The 2021 results of Wafa Assurance ont été présentés mercredi. Wafa Assurance posted a net result of 32.6% over an year in 2021, soit 83% of the net result realized for the year 2019. voit la contribution des subsidiaries dans le chiffre d’affaires consolidé se renforcer. Wafa Assurance entame l’année en cours avec sérénité. To … Read more

What impact on GDP au MENA

The potential of croissance is explained mainly by the fact that the numerical technologies reduce the information codes that enter the economic transactions. Based on a new report from the Banque mondiale, the complete numbering of the economy, and purchases of financial services, it brings about an increase in GDP per inhabitant of the Moins … Read more

Casa Finance City at tête des centers financiers in Afrique

The financial place Casablanca Finance City (CFC) occupies the 54th position worldwide in the last edition of the class of the best international financial centers, established by the Global Financial Centers Index (GFCI), and maintains its first position in Africa. Also, Casablanca demeure la financiére la más attractive du continent africain, devant Cap Town (55e) … Read more