Vers la création de la Ligue des écrivaines africaines

Ph. Kartouch The preparatory committee charged with the creation of the League of African Writers had a meeting held in Rabat, on the margin of the labors of the 27th edition of the Salon international de l’édition et du livre (SIEL). According to a communiqué from the Ligue des écrivaines du Maroc, cette réunion, tenue … Read more

Le Maroc accounts for more than 400,000 epileptic persons

Epilepsy is a neurological disease that touches more than 400,000 people in Morocco. Dans 80% des cas, elle peut être soignée by an adapted traitement prescribed by a neurologist, confirmed by the Ligue Marocaine Contre l’Épilepsie. The Journée Nationale Contre l’Épilepsie, will be held on Tuesday 8 February 2022, organized by the Ligue Marocaine Contre … Read more