52% of confident leaders in the future of companies

What is the perception of the chefs d’entreprises of the health and economic crisis? Quelles difficultés ont-ils rencontrées? Comment se projettent-ils ? The study carried out by TECTRA, from February 1st to March 28th, after a succession of 140 entrepreneurial chefs with more than 20 salaries contributed by supplies. The details. The chefs d’entreprise are … Read more

Women represent 16.2% of business leaders (OMTPME)

Women represent 16.2% of the business leaders in Morocco, according to the Moroccan Observatory of three petite, petite and young businesses (OMTPME). “16.2% of business leaders (Personnes Physiques actives, Personnes Morales actives et auto-entrepreneurs) au Maroc sont des femmes”, indicated the Observatoire in a communiqué reporting the first results of these studies on women entrepreneurs … Read more

Forum des jeunes leaders à Dubaï with the participation of Maroc

More than 300 young people, with an important delegation from Morocco, discussed, from March 3 to 6, the importance of youth inclusion in the decision-making processes as well as the current subjects of the international agenda with the environment, cybersecurity et la crise ukrainienne. The Association of the United Nations of Maroc organizes, in collaboration … Read more