Marsa Maroc, holder of accumuler seal BMCE Capital Research

Marsa Maroc believes that the analysts at BMCE Capital Global Research (BKGR) recommend the accumulator. «Pour 2022, nous planks sur des réalisations commerciales bien orientées avec un chiffre d’affaires en appréciation de 5% a 3,771 milliards de DH», notent-ils. This performance will be sustained by the progression escomptée du segment Vrac solide tirée por la … Read more

Marsa Maroc : le chiffre d’affaires consolidated in hausse of 30% in 2021

The traffic brought by the group in 2021 is estimated at 47.2 million tonnes, an increase of 32.4% by 2020. By the end of 2021, the traffic brought by Marsa Maroc is estimated at 47.2 million tonnes (MT) in an increase of 32.4% by 2020. The consolidated investments made by the group at the end … Read more

des profits en hausse de 128% à 666 MDH in 2021

The Marsa Maroc group has achieved a good level of activity and improved profitability in 2021. The national leader in the exploitation of port terminals has, in effect, achieved a chiffre d’affaires de près of 3.6 million dirhams in croissance of 30% for rapport à l’année précédente, indicate Marsa Maroc dans a communiqué. A performance … Read more