Touhami Ennadre, a photograph and a hors-pair style

«Qasida Noire» is the title of the photographic exhibition inaugurated here at the Musée Mohammed VI d’art moderne et contemporain, and in the presence of the artist Touhami Ennadre, president of the Fondation nationale des musées, Mehdi Qotbi , et du director du Musée, Abdelaziz El Idrissi. Une exposition exceptionnelle au vrai sens du terme. … Read more

Pfizer’s new vaccine adapted to Omicron will be ready for Mars

The employer of the Pfizer laboratory assured Monday that a version of the vaccine against Covid-19 adapted to its Omicron variant will be available on Tuesdays that are homologous to the Moderna to call for the preparation of a similar vaccine for the automne. “I don’t know if it’s in the aura kiss, I don’t … Read more

«La machine à rêver», a statue of Niki de Saint Phalle au MMVI

The sculpture is prêtée au Musée Mohammed VI d’art moderne et contemporain par le collectionneur français d’origine marocaine Michaël Benabou pour une durée de deux ans. A beautiful work by Niki de Saint Phalle, the longest-standing female artist in the 20th century for her joyous and free nanas, is stored at the Musée Mohammed VI … Read more