The Center Hospitalier Mohammed V is equipped with a psychiatric service

The Minister of Health and Social Protection, accompanied by the gouverneur of the prefecture of Aïn Sebaâ-Hay Mohammadi ont proceeded, on Tuesday February 22, to launch the service of psychiatry at the Mohammed V regional hospital in Casablanca. This service was built by the cadre du partenariat between the Ministère de la Santé et de … Read more

The Zone Industrielle Aïn Sebaâ Hay Mohammadi célèbre ses 100 ans

Just over 100 years ago, the Zone Industrielle de Aïn Sebaâ Hay Mohammadi is the oldest zone industrielle du Royaume. Located on an area of ​​435 hectares, it has more than 500 companies operating in addition to 30 branches of activity and generation plus 38,000 direct employees. « Nous sommes, aujourd’hui, fiers de célébrer, ensemble, … Read more