Of nouvelles offers of credit immobilier in gestation chez CIH Bank

Faced with the sinistrose situation that vit l’immobilier, Moulay M’Hammed Dounia appealed to an intervention of the State to go through the activation of a certain name of mechanisms with the exonération des droits d’registration. The machine for the creation of new products dedicated to real estate and ceased touring chez CIH Bank ruined the … Read more

Biougnach announces an IRT sponsoring partnership

The partnership between Biougnach and Ittihad Riyadi de Tange, vise à rayonner cette équipe dans les compétitions nationales et continentales. BIOUGNACH, accroit ses investissements à Tanger et comforte are engaged in the development of the région du nord. Present after 2016 in Tangier, the brand invested after 2 years plus 30 million dirhams and created … Read more

the troisième dose booste l’immunité

The three-day dose of the anti-Covid-19 vaccine stimulates the immunity from three to four days after administration. C’est ce qu’affirme Dr Moulay Said Afif, membre du Comite scientifique et technique de la vaccination. Alors que le corps a besoin de 15 jours pour constituer des anticorps entre la première et la deuxième dos. The scientists … Read more

le CHU Moulay Youssef rouvre ses portes ce lundi

The Moulay Youssef Hospitalier Center in Rabat has 300 litres, distributes over many units, medical services and hospital rooms, it is built on an area of ​​31,173 square meters, for a total cost of 580 million dirhams. Le Center hospitalier Moulay Youssef de Rabat, who opens their doors lundi prochain, offers residents of the Rabat-Salé-Kénitra … Read more

Rien à craindre pour le Maroc (Dr Afif)

More than 10 million people were vaccinated against rougeole and rubéole in 2013. L’explosion des cas de rougeole dans le monde ne doit pas inquiéter les Marocains. According to the president of Infovac Maroc, Dr Moulay Said Afif, the vaccination against the type of maladie a été maintenue au Maroc during the confinement period, et … Read more