The Power-to-X Summit appealed to a rapid transition

Cardboard plein for the 2nd edition of the “World Power-to-X Summit”. Sommet, who left for Merced in Marrakech, brought together more than 500 participants from 30 countries in order to exchange on the moyens to meet in place at the vue de développer le marché de l’hydrogène vert au level international. Organized by the Institut … Read more

OCP created in Spain Fertinagro OCP Organic Biosolutions

This project, which was approved by the Council of Administration of the OCP on June 24, 2020, will be financed up to 60% for the loans and 40% for the resources of the actionnaires. The OCP group created in Spain, together with the Spanish operator Fertinagro Biotech SL, a company named Fertinagro OCP Organic Biosolutions. … Read more

More than 77,000 beneficiaries in 2021

In 2021, the Fondation OCP will reinforce its actions to help support vulnerable communities at the local level, but also at the international level. Dans son rapport annuel, rendu public le 9 juin dernier, la Fondation dresse le bilan de ses activités que sont focalisées sur l’innovation lasting, tout en s’alignant avec le nouveau modèle … Read more

c’est parti pour “Intaliq by CGEM”

“Intaliq by CGEM” will be seen as a platform including puisqu’elle s’adresse aux jeunes porteurs de projets, aux startups et aux TPE de tous horizons. Maroc, in partnership with the Ministère de l’Inclusion économique, de la petite Entreprise, de l’Emploi et des Compétences. The Confédération Générale des Entreprises du Maroc donné, aujourd’hui, le coup d’envoi … Read more

Plus 1,500 PFD de l’olivier in 2020-2021

More than 1,506 demonstration platforms (PFD) of the olive oil company installed during the 2020-2021 agricultural campaign, benefiting from more than 630 direct beneficiary farmers and 6,000 indirect beneficiaries, etc. . L’initiative Al Moutmir du groupe OCP commenced to ratisser large. Also, plus 1,506 olive oil demonstration platforms installed during the 2020-2021 agricultural campaign. The … Read more

OCP launches « Usine du Futur by OCP » dedicated to industry 4.0

The objective of the challenge is to identify the Moroccan, African and international startups capable of co-developing innovative digital solutions in line with the Groupe’s industrial métiers. 4 major themes are concerned: Safe Operations, Smart Operations, Supply Chain and Sustainability. The 4 startups finalists benefited from an accès aux infrastructures expérimentales et d’accélération de l’écosystème … Read more

L’Américain Koch Ag prévoit d’acquérir 50% of JFC III auprès de l’OCP

Koch Ag & Energy Solutions (Koch) and the Groupe OCP have signed an agreement in which a Koch subsidiary will acquire a 50% stake in Jorf Fertilizers Company III (JFC III) auprès du Groupe OCP, world leader in the market engrais phosphates. One fois clôturée, the transaction donnera naissance à une Joint-Venture détenue à parts … Read more

OCP obtains its premiere certification EDGE

The Groupe OCP has obtained the first level of EDGE certification, a standard that evaluates the performance of companies in terms of gender equality and the creation of equal career opportunities among women and men. Le Groupe is set to work towards obtaining the highest level of certification in 2024. The OCP Group has obtained … Read more

An Agritech fund of 50 M$us with the support of the UM6P and OCP

Supported by the Université Mohammed VI Polytechnique (UM6P) and the OCP group, Bidra will invest an initial capital of 50 million US$ over 5 years to support the technologies of fondateurs in order to sustainably provide a croissant population. Bidra (mot arabe signifiant “graine”) is a nouveau fonds specialized in identification, support and the promotion … Read more