9,677 structures authorized by the ONSSA

Today, 9,677 companies and establishments operate in the agri-food industry sector at the national level, are authorized and regularly controlled under the health plan by the ONSSA. In accordance with the provisions of loi n ° 28-07 relative to the health security of food products, the National Office of Health Security of Food Products (ONSSA) … Read more

L’ONSSA withdraws the suspected Kinder lots of chocolate

The ONSSA decided to withdraw from the commercialization circuit the batches of Kinder chocolate suspected at the level of importers and distribution teachers after the appearance of cases of infection with salmonellose linked to products in Europe. L’ONSSA a pris deux urgent measures, please specify a communiqué: The reinforcement of the control of all the … Read more

L’ONSSA launches the cheptel national vaccination campaign

The National Office of Sanitaire Security of Food Products (ONSSA) donne, as of March 18, 2022, the delivery of the campaign nationale de vaccination de rappel des bovins contre la fièvre aphteuse associée à la poursuite de l’opération d ‘identification des bovins sur l’ensemble du territoire. The national campaign of vaccination of rappel des bovins … Read more

Saisie of 1,953 kg of improper white meats à la consommation

The elements of the prefectural service of the Police judiciaire of Tangier on the proceeding jeudi matin, on the basis of informations specified fournies by the Direction générale de la surveillance du territoire (DGST), à la saisie de 1,953 kg of blanches blanches impropres à la consommation , stockées dans des unsanitary conditions. Cette operation … Read more