Deux nouveaux parcs industriels developed in PPP

The partnership, which will be concretised by a convention that will conclude the issue of negotiations engaged last week, for the rehabilitation and extension of the industrial zone of Had Soualem and the development of a new industrial zone in Sahel Lakhyayta . Au terme des travaux d’évaluation des offers soumises in response to the … Read more

Comment le PPP peut promote the economic autonomy of women

The CGEM and the government are mobilized for the economic autonomy of women. Ph Kartouch The private sector in Morocco is available and engaged in work in coordination with the government to promote the empowerment of women and realize the objective of 30% of the tax on women’s activities by 2026. “Aucune democratisation, ni croissance … Read more

Cap Spartel, candidate for the 2022 heritage price prize

Le ministère de l’Equipement et de l’Eau a soumis, récemment, la candidature du Phare de Cap Spartel pour le prix du phare patrimonial de l’année 2022 de l’Association Internationale de Signalisation Maritime (AISM), indicate jeudi un communiqué du ministère. Le phare de Cap Spartel a été ouvert au public en juillet 2021 dans le cadre … Read more