The pedagogical reform of the ESI is needed

Well, it was formally considered in 2016 as an engineering training school, an information sciences school (ESI) and a historical vocation for management and information sciences (ESI). information. They are offered by pedagogical training including, in effect, the two dimensions with the objective of assuring the accompaniment and the support of the chantiers structurants nationaux. … Read more

Seoul 31% of companies in Morocco have a website (HCP)

The Haut-Commissariat au Plan has published an analysis that points to the integration of new technologies in the companies of Morocco. Cette analyse, effectuée on the basis of deux enquêtes réalisées in 2019 et 2020, demontre que cette intégration est encore incomplète et plutôt hétérogène. Les entreprises au Maroc ont encore du chemin à faire … Read more