The Tasuta N-Imal group in concert at the Villa des arts in Rabat

The Tasuta N-Imal group will perform in concert on Friday 1st July at 8:00 p.m. at the Villa des arts in Rabat. Tasuta N-Imal, which means «future generation» in the Amazighe language, for the purpose of transposing in music the history, values ​​and traditions of montagnards nomads and groupes sedentaires du sud-est de l’Anti-Atlas au … Read more

Concert by Sonia Noor at the Villa des arts in Casablanca

The Fondation Al Mada organizes, on February 26, a concert with Sonia Noor at the Villa des arts in Casablanca. Sonia Noor is a Moroccan artist, chanteuse and composer. Passionnée de musique depuis l’enfance, elle s’initie au chant et à la guitare en autodidacte. They are her musical univers, her reflète son identité culturelle plurielle … Read more