Treatment covid:Les hôpitaux et pharmacies in care of Molnupiravir

Toute de suite après l’annonce officielle de sa validation por los autorités sanitaires marocaines, les marocains s’interrogent déjà sur la disponibilité du medicament de Merck «Molnupiravir» en pharmacie et dans les hopitaux. In a morning agreement, the Minister of Health and Social Prevention announced that “Molnupiravir” is well and well available in Morocco and will … Read more

The WHO prequalifies a medicine against arthritis

The World Organization of Santé (WHO) has announced that it has been recommended to prequalify tocilizumab, used for the treatment of polyarthrite rhumatoïde, to care for patients with severe forms of Covid-19, in order to provide more accessible medical care. . Le tocilizumab, monoclonal anticorps entrant dans la composition d’un Médicament du géant pharmaceutique Suisse … Read more

Le Monulpiravir montre des résultats prometteurs au Maroc

The public price for the sale of Monulpiravir in Morocco is 720 DH. Since avoir montré are effective internationally, Merck’s antiviral intended for treatment of Covid-19, Monulpiravir, fails forecasts in Maroc. A group of Moroccan doctors has carried out a retrospective study on Moroccan patients who have set up medically that allows a significant reduction … Read more