Disty Technologies s’introduit en bourse au prix de 284 DH par action

More than 600,000 shares Disty Technologies was proposed for sale to the public from July 5 to 8, 2022 by a large placement syndicat made up of banks and stock exchange companies. The total amount of the operation is 171.7 MDH. Six months after the introduction of the Construction Group TGCC, the Casablanca Bourse accueillera … Read more

Safran will produce the nacelles for the Gulfstream business plane in Morocco

Safran Nacelles Maroc produces the equipment, the most complexes of the brand and the free ones directly to clients, with no more than a simple sous-traitant like the one in the department. This is what Vincent Caro, president of Safran Nacelles, affirmed at the inauguration ceremony of the extension of the son site for the … Read more

100 M$ extra for the Commune of Casablanca

Solicited for additional financing, the Banque Mondiale s’apprête à approving a nouveau prêt of 100 million dollars in favor of the Commune de Casablanca. It is intended to accelerate the “Programme d’appui à la Commune de Casablanca” started in 2017 – with the support of the Banque mondiale – with the cadre du Plan de … Read more

See the recommendations of BMCE Capital

BMCE Capital Global Research will proceed with a new update of its «Stock Guide» and its recommendations to the issue of the publication of the half-year results of cotées. BMCE Capital Global Research vient d’update are «Stock Guide» des principals cotées marocaines. The document proposes an analysis of the realities and perspectives of 33 main … Read more

Le Gnaoua Festival Tour debarque to Casablanca

Le Gnaoua Festival continues its tour. After avoir fait vibrar les publics d’Essaouira et de Marrakech, le Festival gnaoui a fait escale à Casablanca jeudi soir, pour sa 3e étape. Le Gnaoua Festival Tour a ravi le public casaoui avec une soirée d’ouverture haute en couleurs à l’Esplanade Stade Mohammed V. L’étape de Casablanca, which … Read more

The participative index bientôt soumis aux Oulémas

The creation of a participative boursier index allows also to assess the rules of «filtering» des entreprises cotées. According to the Bourse of Casablanca, the efforts for the mise en place of an index in accordance with the precepts of the Sharia are well advanced. The project will be well received by the Conseil supérieur … Read more

Collège LaSalle Maroc organizes the 33rd edition of Son Fashion Show

Collège LaSalle Maroc, member du réseau canadien LCI Éducation, organized, on June 24, the 33rd edition of son défilé de mode “Révélations”, marking the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Maroc and Canada. The event phare du Collège LaSalle, which aura lieu au Hyatt Regency de Casablanca, unveiled, like the accoutumée, the créations artistiques des … Read more

The Bourse de Casablanca connaitra une embellie in 2022

A question taraude les esprits : le marché boursier est-il prêt à rééditer, cette année, sa performance de 2021, soit 18.35%, après une baisse de 7.27% un an plus tôt? S’il est trop tôt pour se pronounce, il n’est pas en revenge hasardeux de tabler sur le maintien de cette tendance haussière. Les explications de … Read more

Domaines Agricoles : collection of used greenery

Les Domaines Agricoles, who launched an environmental and solidary operation in 2013 through the collection of used packaging, invites clients to strengthen their eco-responsible management. The financial resumptions of this operation were doubled by the enterprise at the urging of previous years, to support children in rural areas. “Un verre recyclé, est un verre plein … Read more

Anas Laabi appointed directeur associate au Boston Consulting Group

After more than 16 years of experience in the field of digital transformation, Anas Laabi is currently appointed Directeur Associé au Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in Casablanca. Anas Laabi rejoined the Boston Consulting Group in 2019. Diplômé de l’ESSEC in 2006, plus 16 years of experience in digital transformation at a great age, in excellence … Read more